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Anonymous said: Do you mostly just shoot friends? Or do you ever seek out models to shoot?

i used to seek out models to shoot but now i just shoot friends/people i already know mostly

Anonymous said: What kind of lighting do you use? Or do you use all natural light?



sometimes street lamps or like

whatever idk how to use flashes/strobes/etc

Anonymous said: I like the way you overexpose your skys and backgrounds. Do you use any filters on your lens? Oh and how do you pronounce your first name?


um i use a UV filter on my lens

sometimes polarizer too 

but that’s it, i don’t really know much about filters

my first name is pronounced “bow” rhymes w/ cow

Anonymous said: Which lenses do you use the most when you shoot film?

50mm f/1.8 only lmao

Anonymous said: When u scan 35mm negatives, what software do you use to convert them to positives?

idr the name of the program

last time i did it my best friend helped me in one of the labs at her school and she pulled everything up for me

i am honestly the least helpful person

Anonymous said: Have you ever shot with Fuji Superia 1600? It's insane!


i only have ever shot 400 iso film with my 35mm slr

Anonymous said: do you use a light meter when shooting with the A-1? or do you use the built in meter? Your portraits looks so perfectly exposed.

built in meter!!!

last week i was at the botanic garden with my friend and he was using an external light meter and i asked him what the fck he was holding

i had never seen one in my entire life until like seven days ago

Anonymous said: Do you ever use a digital SLR? My problem is that DSLRs are easier to use but the photos never feel as real as film.

yeah i use my DSLR pretty frequently

i don’t like it nearly as much as film but

it’s cool sometimes i guess. i just have to edit the photos a lot

Anonymous said: How did you meet Dennis?

he liked my work and followed me on tumblr when i was a freshman in high school. we lived in the same suburb and had a mutual friend named samantha who modeled for us both at the time and she thought it would be a good idea for the three of us to shoot together sometime so we did and dennis and i have been pretty much in love since then. he’s one of my bestestestest friends ever.

Anonymous said: Which 35mm film do you use the most? Which one is your all time favorite? I love Portra 😊

i loveee porta but it’s just not my style. shot with it once and was like, wow, this looks so nice. but it doesn’t look like my work. too fine grain for my taste i think.

i use kodak ultramax or fujifilm superia the most i think.

Anonymous said: I really like the look of your scans. What scanner do you use?

i really don’t know. i’ve used like ten different scanners. sometimes i use my dad’s, i use my friends’ scanners a lot too so. i don’t have my own at the moment.

Anonymous said: Do you develop your own 35mm film?

no never

Anonymous said: What kind of processing do you usually do with your film? Do you do any digital color correct?


i used to edit out dirt spots that were on my scans but lately i’ve been leaving them in and loving it

dana @ brooklyn botanic garden yesterday
updated my website if y’all are interested in checking it out

dana @ brooklyn botanic garden yesterday

updated my website if y’all are interested in checking it out

Anonymous said: What music have you been listening to lately?

taking back sunday’s first album (duh)

lots of mariah carey singles

ariana grande

various 60s girl groups

stars of the lid and other drone bs

my taste in music is very very bad.