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found some touristy pics of the city that i took while showing my aunt around when she visited over spring break

sara, last week

sara, from when we went 4 a quick swim by a waterfall upstate last week

sara and skye at skye’s house last week

skye and sara in the woods last week

dana hanson for stickybaby

styled/blazer + skirt set designed by amanda @

Anonymous said: hey bao, i just tried to go onto ur website but it redirected and said it was expired since yesterday im pretty sure u might already kno this but just a headsup incase you dont :)

oops i didn’t even notice, thanks for letting me know!! found the email telling me it was going to expire oops. i’m going to renew it tonight, thanks <3

i just got nine rolls of film developed. hype!!!
dana @ brooklyn botanic garden last month

i just got nine rolls of film developed. hype!!!

dana @ brooklyn botanic garden last month

some cell phone magic from yesterday

Anonymous said: How is living in brooklyn? I've heard it's expensive.

yah it’s shit expensive in some parts. just depends on whether or not you move to a nice ass apartment in an area where gentrification is a problem

like, don’t move to williamsburg duh

i like brooklyn kinda it’s okay. i like it i think.

Anonymous said: where are some cool places to shoot in austin and west texas?

you can shoot at the urban outfitters on guadalupe, it’s 2 stories!! super cool.

nah i don’t know any places in austin we just drive around and shoot on the side of the road


west texas literally everywhere is pretty so just anywhere there

Anonymous said: Do you mostly just shoot friends? Or do you ever seek out models to shoot?

i used to seek out models to shoot but now i just shoot friends/people i already know mostly

Anonymous said: What kind of lighting do you use? Or do you use all natural light?



sometimes street lamps or like

whatever idk how to use flashes/strobes/etc

Anonymous said: I like the way you overexpose your skys and backgrounds. Do you use any filters on your lens? Oh and how do you pronounce your first name?


um i use a UV filter on my lens

sometimes polarizer too 

but that’s it, i don’t really know much about filters

my first name is pronounced “bow” rhymes w/ cow

Anonymous said: Which lenses do you use the most when you shoot film?

50mm f/1.8 only lmao